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Introduction of US Division

  Dongfang International of China Scholarship Council starts the operation of study in USA service in 2000 and set up the USA Department in 2004. After its foundation, the department has gained the powerful support from MOE, CSC, Embassy of P. R. China in the United States of America, Education USA and the United States Embassy in China and has carried out high-quality, high-class and multi-tier overseas study programs.

Key Advantages of US Division:

* Regular program source
  All the programs of the department are recommended by MOE, Embassy of P. R. China in the United States of America, CSC, and American Educational Exchange Center and are carried out through the direct cooperation with the American colleges and universities.

* Complete study abroad choice
  U.S. Division provides various kinds of opportunities for studying in America. After comprehensive appraisal of the students, the division will formulate detailed relevant study plan customized for the students and select most suitable colleges and universities for them, based on the intentions of the students and their parents. Meanwhile, the division also organizes summer camps, winter camps and other short-term organization activities.

* Excellent institution partners
  All the cooperative institutions are the regular colleges and universities recognized by the MOE the diploma and degree they grant are all recognized by China and the United States. US Division of Dongfang International firmly implements the principle of providing high-class study abroad service and all of its cooperative institutions are among the top 200 in US College Ranking, including quite a few well-known colleges and universities.

* Senior consultant
  The division has a group of senior consultants, who are very familiar with the educational system, colleges and universities, and cultural life in the United States. They have guaranteed the high quality and high success rate of the service provided by the division.

* Excellent team
  Our division has a rich-experienced team; all the staffs have been engaged in the study in America service for many years, and they can provide comprehensive and accurate information and current appraisals for the students to ensure the success of the student application and visa application.

* Good reputation
  The division focuses on the policy of honesty with no counterfeit and exaggerated promises made by all of its staffs, careful examination of all the materials of the students, and uncompromising rejection of counterfeit materials and therefore enjoys good reputation home and abroad and unanimous good appraisal from the students and the Chinese and American institutions.

With the policies in honesty, good faith and student orientation and the cautious and active attitude, the division tries its best to guarantee the success of the student application and visa application. Up to now, among all the students sent out by the department, 10% of them have gained the different kinds of financial aids from American well-known universities and 40% of them have been successfully admitted by the top 70 excellent American universities. Most of the students were admitted by the top 100 American universities and the visa application success rate was over 95% in the year of 2008 to 2009.

E-mail: us@cscdf.org

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