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  Division of European Affairs, one of the three main divisions of Dongfang International was set up in 2000. In the early stage, it had relation with dozens of international universities from UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. Presently it has established links with more than 300 international universities and institutions in UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Germany, etc. So far it has sent thousands of Chinese students abroad for their study in Europe including high school graduates, college graduates and university graduates with its high-level consultation and overseas service system.
  Advantages of Division of European Affairs:
  High-quality and Rich-experienced Overseas Study consultation Team: The division staff are all English-major graduates with Bachelor degree or above from key universities home and abroad. They have solid foundation in language skills and rich experience in consultation. Some of them have study or working experience abroad and are able to provide the students with suitable advice and suggestions.
  Program Source: All the programs are recommended by CSC, foreign embassies in China, overseas embassies of China, or international college alliances and are carried out through the direct link with the relevant colleges and universities.
Supports by Foreign Embassies in China: Since its foundation, the division has established friendly cooperation with foreign embassies in China. Due to our high reputation and our responsible attitude, the division has gained trust from foreign embassies in China, which also guarantees our extremely high success-visa rate.
Cooperation with international and home universities and colleges: The division has established direct cooperation with more than 300 international institutions and tens of Chinese institutions.
  E-mail: eua@cscdf.org

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