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    Camping Affairs Office is established by CSC Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange (CSCDF) for educational camping affairs in 2008. The division mainly operates the camping affairs both at international and domestic level.

    After the foundation of Camping Affairs Office, the team of the division has enrolled a large number of experts with professional expertise. With the advantages in terms of being supported by the resources, experience as well as the relationships possessed by CSCDF through close cooperation with large amounts of international educational organizations, the office provides a wide range of education services such as summer camps, winter camps, child-parent camps, language training programs, etc. The office is students-oriented with the philosophy of exploring the new culture, experiencing the new environment, making new friends, getting new experience and setting new target. Our objective is to help all students being equipped well to be the qualified and competitive international talents in the new global era.

    Camping Affairs Office is also responsible for the organization of international educational exchange visits between cooperated national schools and foreign institutes.

    In addition, Camping Affairs Office is in charge of the affairs about foreign students¨ study in China. Covering from short term Chinese language learning to long term study for the diploma & degree in all disciplines, as well as short term educational camps.

    Camping affairs office has an excellent team. Most of the staffs had experience of study abroad or graduated from key foreign language universities; they have proficiency in a foreign language and have the abilities to provide applicants with complete and accurate information, correct assessment and material preparation services, ensuring the success of students' application and visa application for international camping affairs and study in China.

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        E-mail: camps@cscdf.org
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