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A Brief Introduction to the Department of Art Study in East Europe

   The Department of Art Study in East Europe was established in 2000 with its main task of undertaking the Chinese science student study project in Middle and East European countries and art student study program in the countries all over the world. As a first department undertaking overseas art study project (music, fine art, dancing, movie and television, and art design) for the Chinese overseas study service industry, our department not only has developed a long-term and good cooperation relationship with a number of famous art institutions in the world, but also is authorized the only student recruitment agent in China actively conducting face to face art exchanges between the Chinese art students and famous world art institutions. By doing so, we play an important role of exchange platform and has established a bridge for the Chinese art students to study in the world famous art institutions.
   The department has successfully sent thousands good Chinese students to study in the famous educational institutions of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus as well as in more than ten famous art institutions of Austria, Germany, Czech, France and Australia through its years’ efforts thus winning a good reputation from both foreign and Chinese institutions.

   The department invites world famous art school representatives to come to China for student recruitment every year and also invites foreign artists to make presentations in China for academic exchanges in order to promote the Chinese and foreign art institution’s cooperation and communications.

   For the purpose of the Chinese students’ further understanding about foreign art education to get information of genuine and detailed foreign educational system and college study subjects, the Chinese Overseas Art Study Networks has been born in due course.
   With the consistent objective of “serve the society and bring up talent” since its establishment, the department had successfully sent thousands good students to all famous foreign institutions by end of 2008 distributing in world famous institutions of east European countries such as Czech, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kirghizstan, art students distributing all over the world. Among the students we sent, 400 of them had graduated with master degree and 10 with Ph.D. by end of 2008 through their own hard study. All of the graduates now work in different industries and it is needless to describe in detail. What we feel most proudly is that lots of graduates work in prestigious colleges in China and South Eastern Asian countries as a professor, associate professor and teacher. Some of them even have been posted as college president, vice president, department director or chief lesson tutor. The colleges where they work are:

Shanghai University Shanghai Normal University
Fudan University Yangzhou University
Suzhou University Zhejiang University
Huzhou Teachers College Zhejiang Normal University
Dongguan University of Technology Shenzhen University
Xiamen University Xinghai Conservatory of Music
Huaqiao University Guangxi Arts Institute
Sichuan Convertory of Music Zunyi Normal College
Xinjiang Institute of Education Xinjiang Normal University
Xinjiang University Shandong University
Shandong College of Arts Central University for Nationalities
Northeast Normal University Mudanjiang Normal University
Inner Mongolia Normal University Changchun Normal University
Lanzhou University Yinchuan University

   The department hopefully gives students a good study environment and provides them a broader employment channel in the future. We appreciate all the students and parents for their long strong support and assistance to our department.

Contacts of the Department of Art Study in East Europe:
Department of Art Study in East Europe, Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchanges, China State Scholarship Council
Address: Room 808, Jinyu Mansion,129A Xuanwumen Xidajie, Beijing, 100031
Contact Persons: Mr. Xie, Mr. Chen, Mr. Wang
Tel: 010-66418233 66413020 13366439288 on weekend
Fax: 010-66413648
E-mail: dongou@sccdf.org

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