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  Since its establishment, the Division of Japanese Affairs, Dongfang International, has established the operation principle of ‘being faithful, professional, service-oriented and innovative’. Without reckless pursue of the profit, the division has insisted in the ‘double-excellent’ service principle with recommendation of excellent Chinese students to the excellent Japanese schools. Therefore it has not only made a great achievement in business operation but also established a good reputation home and abroad.
Advantages of Division of Japanese Affairs:
  Exclusive Programs: Benefited from the mutual honest and trustful relationship between Kansai Language Institute, the language preparatory schools that rank the first in Japan, and China National Key Secondary Schools Sino-Japanese Exchange Headmaster Exchange Federation (jointly established by tens of key secondary schools all over China including Beijing Normal University Attached Experimental Middle School, Henan Experimental Middle School and Shenyang Yucai Foreign Language School, etc.), the division has adjusted its service orientation to helping the excellent Chinese students with aims and capability to further their study in public and well-known universities in Japan. The division mainly recruits the potential excellent students to participate in the ‘Japanese Excellent Language Preparatory School (Part) Joint Recruitment Program’. Since the deployment of the program, over 500 excellent Chinese students have been conveyed to study in Japan every year, with 100% visa application success rate, and 90% graduates have been admitted by public universities and colleges in Japan.
  Collaboration Operation Mode: The division and Kansai Language Institute have mutually sent staff to the counterpart to respectively support the routine work of each other, which has improved the work proficiency, combined the advantages of the two parties to the utmost extent, and guarantied the smoothness and convenience of the students in consultation, visa application and the whole course of overseas study.

  Complete Extended Service: Under the support of Kansai Language Institute and the Headmaster Federation, the division has not only focused on the consultation, material preparation guidance and other regular services but also extended its services to multiple aspects from consolidation training before going abroad to direct participation of the routine management of the students in the Japanese school, which practically clears up worries and problems of the students and their parents.

Division of Japanese Affairs
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