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  The Canadian Division of China Scholarship Council
Dongfang International Center for Educational Exchange


  Founded in 1995, the service team of the Canadian Division of CSC Dongfang International Centerfor Educational Exchange was the first professional Canadian education agency in China’s overseas education service industry. Over the years, we have processed the largest number of student referrals, achieved the highest visa approval rate, and built the widest connections with high profile Canadian partner schools. In fact, CSC Dongfang is the only agency in China that has official representation agreements with all the medical-doctoral Canadian universities that provide conditional admission.



  After over a decade of persistent efforts, the Canadian Division of CSC Dongfang Center has proven itself to be best Canadian education service team. With its government background, a reliable and time-tested operation system and a well-established network of Canadian partner schools, CSC Dongfang provides the most secure and comprehensive services for Chinese students who intend to study in Canada.


To sum up, we have professional strengths in:

  • The strongest network of quality Canadian partner schools;
  • Referral for admission to the best Canadian schools accessible;
  • Commitment to providing honest and realistic customer services;
  • The most complete case processing system and control;
  • Adherence to the most factual-based school and visa applications;
  • The most dependable visa approval rate;
  • Long-standing guarantee of full refund for rejected applications;
  • The best consistency and self-discipline.


  The Canadian Division of CSC Dongfang Center has an excellent team, which consists of several consultants who had their education or training in Canadian universities as well as members who have had rigid and regular training at their jobs in China. This wonderful team has helped us maintain our leading position in the quality of services, visa approval rate and our many years of reputation with both the Canadian Embassy and schools.


   Address: Room 904, Jinyu Mansion, No.129A, Xuanwumen Xidajie, Beijing 100031
   Telephone: 010-66418886
   Facsmile: 010-66410103
   Website: www.e-canada.cn

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Address: 16Th Floor, Dacheng Plaza No.127A, Xuanwumen Xidajie, Beijing 100031, China